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RE: [cobol-dev] COBOL ide development

At the risk of stating the obvious, if the project was hosted at
eclipse.org, it would be Eclipse-based. Projects hosted elsewhere can have
more degrees of freedom.

If there are Eclipse plug-ins hosted elsewhere that would be interested in
contributing code as a starting point, that would be great.

>  >  Would such an IDE be eclipse-based?
> Personally I'm not sure it's the best environment, particularly if one
> wants to support fixed-format editing rather than free-format. However,
> we should go with the approach that gets more people to contribute and
> that minimizes the amount of work to be done. Which to my knowledge
> means either an Eclipse or a Netbeans plug-in.
> Dan Carter ha scritto:
> > I can't lead it but I sure would use it; Please keep me in the loop.
> > Would such an IDE be eclipse-based?  If so, maybe I can help.