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Re: [cdt-dev] Debug Core Tracing

Never mind, I got it. Just took some focused reading of the code. :)

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Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2012 1:04:03 PM
Subject: [cdt-dev] Debug Core Tracing

Hi all,
I'm adding dynamic debug tracing to the cdt.debug.core package and I'm wondering about what's already there. In cdt.debug.internal.core, there's already a Trace class (non-dynamic). The only things calling this are cdt.debug.core.executables.Executable and ExecutablesManager. The regular trace call is easy to re-route, but they're also calling a traceEntry method, which appears to me to be an empty method. It's overridden in the trace class, and it's abstract in the parent class. What is this call supposed to do? It seems to me like it's tracking the entrance to the method. If so, I can put that as an option in the DebugOptions class, just appending the class and method name to the tracing string. If it really doesn't do anything, I'm willing to leave it alone for now or reroute the tracing to the dynamic class. Opinions?
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