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Re: [cdt-dev] Support for Remote Parallel Builds

Yeah, I had figured that was the case; but why re-invent the wheel. If anyone else has some input, or some other potential plug-ins to check out; a reply would be appreciated.




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AFAIK, you're in the develop a separate plugin space with this one. There are other tools that do this, like distcc, that should be easy to integrate with CDT (just change the build command). Having an Eclipse-base solution would be pretty cool and make it easy to set-up.




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Subject: [cdt-dev] Support for Remote Parallel Builds


I was wondering if there is a way to use CDT (with conjunction of any number of plugins [TM, RDT, or RSE]) to build your workspace remotely on a build server, and then import it back to your local workspace.

To be overly specific:


1.       Developers would check out their code from our SVN server.

2.       When they build, the necessary projects would be queued locally and sent over independently to the build server (which has an identical environment to the local environment).

3.       The projects would then be built in parallel such that independent projects would be built simultaneously (not where the projects build one right after the other).

4.       During the build process, each build would be contained within a separate ssh console in the Eclipse IDE, such that the error parser would be working locally on the remote build.

5.       Upon completion of the build, the necessary files are copied back to the local machine; and the temporary workspace on the build server is cleaned up.


Is there a way to do this now; or am I going to have to develop a separate plugin?