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[cdt-dev] Custom make target and project building


i am building a plugin which extends CDT.

We have three make targets: 'all', 'clean' and 'generate'. The normal
used targets are clean and all, they work fine

So, I would like to call "make generate" if some files are saved.

The dirty plan was to change the clean target to 'generate' and then
call project.build(IncrementalProjectBuilder.CLEAN_BUILD, null);. I
need to use builder system in order to get some nice syntax
highlighting on errors.

I ran into 2 problems:

1) I can not find the place to modify the clean command
2) Running project.build(IncrementalProjectBuilder.CLEAN_BUILD, null);
works fine for the first time, but lets eclipse hang and become
inaccessible on the second time. Is it a race condition?

What is a clean way of solving this problem?

Thank you very much