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Re: [cdt-dev] Problem defining own language/ content type

Hi Sebastian,
As far as I remember the language comes from input type in the toolchain definition. Looking at your plugin.xml, you defined content type for your input type but language ID does not seem to be defined.


On Fri, Jun 29, 2012 at 7:30 AM, Sebastian Wagner <se.wagner@xxxxxx> wrote:

I developed an eclipse cdt plugin for a specific compiler. I recognized a behavior which seems wrong to me in the project properties window -> C/C++ General -> Path and Symbols menu. In the column "Language" it shows me the GNU C language and instead of "Assembly Language" it shows "IAR Assembler Source", which is the name of my own assembler source file content type.
My assembler files have a lower case ".s" file extension and that's why it doesn't seem to be recognized correclty by the makefile builder. To make the assembler files appear in the makefile I defined an own content type I am referring to at the assembler inputs section. As soon as I add this content type I can see the described behavior, but the assembler files appear in the makefile correctly.

1) Do you have any idea what I did wrong or how to find that out?

2) I defined an own language to be able to configure the scanner/ parser. It is called "IAR C". Why doesn't it appear instead of "GNU C"

Find attached a screenshot of the properties dialog and my plugin.xml file.

Thanks for your support!

best regards

Sebastian Wagner

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