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Re: [cdt-dev] Will CDT provide advanced features based on Reverse Debugging? E.g. Variable History

The below features are nice.
Be aware that the reverse debugging provided by CDT is actually entirely handled by GDB.
Therefore, the majority of improvements to reverse debugging will need to be provided by GDB itself.
The feature CDT takes advantage of is called 'Process Record and Replay', as implemented by GDB
The idea is that GDB records all changes to memory and registers and allows to go back to previous
values through runControl operations (step/resume).
Considering the entire history is recorded, I think it would make sense to extract the value history
of a variable, as you suggest.
If such features are provided by GDB, CDT could them make use of them.
If you are interested in getting involved in such improvements, I can put you in contact with
others that might be able to help.

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Subject: [cdt-dev] Will CDT provide advanced features based on Reverse Debugging? E.g. Variable History

Hi Guys:
     Will CDT provide any advanced features based on Reverse Debugging? 

     I've been playing around the Chronon Time Travelling Debugger by Google and get excited with their brilliant features:
              - Variable History View   https://chronon.onconfluence.com/display/DOC/Variable+History+View
              - Method History View  https://chronon.onconfluence.com/display/DOC/Method+History+View
     The fact is that Chronon Time Travelling Debugger is a Java Debugger, and I'm curious if CDT would achi eve the similar thing with DSF or EDC.  I tried the reverse debugging with CDT 8 and found it quite basic,  it would be great if you guys provide some "History" information for Variables, Expressions, etc, which would be very helpful in detecting root cause of a program.

     I guess it is doable since the cornerstone is "Reverse Debugging" and you guys already have it. Do you have any plans?


Xing Yun