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[cdt-dev] help getting started with CDT development


I am getting started with CDT development for the first time,
so please bear with me.

I am having trouble exporting a plugin with changes that I've
made to an eclipse installation.

Here's what I did, mostly just following the instructions at

 - Installed Eclipse SDK, EGit, and PDE
 - Went into Git perspective, cloned the master branch of the CDT repo
 - Made a small change to code in org.eclipse.cdt.ui
 - Went into PDF perspective, right-clicked on org.eclipse.cdt.ui project, did Run As -> Eclipse Application
    - This works fine, and my change has taken effect
 - Did File -> Export -> Plug-in Development -> Deployable plug-ins or fragments
    - Selected org.eclipse.cdt.ui
    - Chose an existing eclipse installation as the target directory
    - I can see a new file org.eclipse.cdt.ui_5.4.0.201205232302.jar appeared
      in the plugins subdirectory of the target eclipse installation. Its timestamp
      is newer than the previous org.eclipse.cdt.ui jar file.
    - But when I run the target eclipse installation, my changes do not take effect,
      suggesting the old plugin is loaded instead of the new one.
       - If I remove the old plugin, eclipse starts but the windows are full of errors
         like "Could not create the view: org.eclipse.cdt.ui.typeHierarchy", suggesting
         that it tried to load the new plugin but failed.

I extracted the old and new plugin jars, and compared their contents, and found that the
following files, present in the old jar, are missing from the new:


Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong, or how I can debug this further?