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[cdt-dev] Extend the C language Content Assist in Eclipse to support custom commands

I am trying to extend the C/C++ language in Eclipse CDT in order to have auto-complete (Content Assist) for some custom commands ( mostly pragmas ).

Let's say I have the command:Â#pragma IAM THE_CUSTOM_COMMANDÂvar1 var2

I' d like to make a plugin in order to have the ability the moment I type inÂ#pragmaÂand then SPACE to show the possible commands I have like when I am using regular functions. And if I press enter on one of the suggestions the whole command should be pasted with the default values in the variables.

I tried reading in the Eclipse FAQ and found many tutorials online but I only found how to make a completely new editor supporting my commands.

I just need to add 20-30 pragmas like this in the CDT editor currently being used in Eclipse.

I read that there is an Extension Point for CDT Language and if I could make an extension for that it would be sufficient but I haven't found a tutorial explaining this.

Is there any way to add these commands to the CDT Editor with the Auto-complete functionality I want without making my own editor ? The language we use is C and we have these pragmas and this feature would be great since we use them a lot.

Thank you all.

Lambros Petrou