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[cdt-dev] New Scanner Discovery aka Language Settings Providers in Juno M7

Hi all,
I finally managed to add the new Scanner Discovery to CDT Juno M7, just in time for the feature freeze. It took the work well, well over my initial expectations and changes to more parts of CDT than I apprehended. Made me learn many useful things in CDT and eclipse plugin development in general though. Please take a look and test before it is too late to do changes to Juno.

The new functionality (i.e. appropriate set of Language Settings Providers) is added automatically to configurations during project creation by New Project Wizard (replacing old Scanner Discovery). There is a new property page "Preprocessor Include Paths, Macros etc." in project properties where one can inspect/edit the providers and their entries. It is also possible to disable the new functionality and keep using older Scanner Discovery - for those already invested in it - in Preferences, "Property Page Settings".

Obviously I do not have any user documentation at this point, the UI is supposed to be intuitive. If not really, I appreciate any suggestions to that end.

For ISV, it should be feasible now to add include paths and macros for the indexer with the new API. The JavaDoc is pretty detailed.

If there are any questions, please use the mailing list. If there are bugs or improvements need to be done, please file bugs in Bugzilla. The UI is kind of abbreviated in some parts, I haven't got time to iron all corners.

For the next few weeks, I will have only occasional access to internet and may not respond fast or fix bugs but I will eventually get to it.