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Re: [cdt-dev] Debugging tutorial ?

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> Subject: Re: [cdt-dev] Debugging tutorial ?
> > If you right-click on your project and select
> > "Debug As->Local C/C++ Applications" it should start the debugger.
> I managed to launch the debugger, but gdb doesn't stop at my 
> breakpoints.

You may want to look in the CDT forums, which is better suited
for new users.

> > Yes, the documentation included in eclipse has not been updated
> > in too long. Contributions would help get the ball rolling.
> > 
> > We desperatly need someone to take charge of the Windows side
> > of the CDT debugging. Someone that would try out features
> > and report problems regularly would already be a great help.
> Actually, I am developing on Linux by now, but I come from 
> Windows, and so doesn't know anything about gdb.
> And I guess that people from me could be the main source of 
> CDT users :
> Windows users will use Visual C++, and Linux users will use 
> emacs, vim... (that's what happens at my office).
> > I'm glad you took the time to write this email.  If people
> > give up without letting us know why, we can't improve.
> > I can't promise to get the docs all better soon, but your
> > point will hopefully remind us to keep the docs updated.
> I would be OK to be associated with someone knowing well the 
> Linux environment and CDT.
> I could provide some newbie questions and problems, and write 
> the doc. But I need support.

Great.  On the CDT wiki, it mentions how to get started with
contributions to CDT:

You can also open bugs at
https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs (under tools->CDT)
and contribute some documentation in whichever format
is easier and we can work together to include it with CDT.