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[cdt-dev] (no subject)

Hello, everybody.
There used to be some discussion about C/C++ indexer parallelization some months ago and (initially) most people agreed, that this would be a great feature.
There is a patch in place, that brings down full C/C++ indexing time from 4hrs to 20mins in our project (see bug#351659).
This patch has now been used in our team (200+ people, 10+Mio lines of C/C++ code) without any issue for several months.
I provided a git patch for CDT master.
I provided a git patch for CDT 8.
I have not received any answer to my latest questions in the above mentioned bugzilla since months.
I wonder, if anyone out there in CDT DEV is still interested in that topic?
I wonder, how such an enhancement will finally find its way to any CDT codeline and what I can else do to bring this feature into official CDT release?
If noone at CDT DEV is any longer interrested in that topic, please let me know. In that case I would simply close that useless bugzilla.
Thanks and kind regards.