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[cdt-dev] Question about C/C++ Project References


I am trying to decide whether project build-order dependencies in my CDT-based tooling are better implemented using the Eclipse Platform project references or the "References" tab in the "C/C++ General -> Paths and Symbols" properties of a project.

The important consideration is what the semantics of the CDT's project/configuration references are.  Apparently, the CDT-style reference ensures that the referenced configuration (which may be the dynamic active configuration) of the referenced project is up-to-date build-wise when building the referencing project configuration.  This is great.  The question, though, is what else does this reference imply?

Two sources suggest that a project actually *imports* build settings from referenced project configurations.  For example, the Javadoc on the ICConfigurationDescription::setReferenceInfo() API says this:

Sets the reference information for this configuration. This configuration will pick up settings exported by referenced configurations.

And in the .cproject file, the reference is manifest as a settings storage-module:

<storageModule moduleId="org.eclipse.cdt.core.externalSettings">
    <externalSettings containerId="OtherProject;config.debug.1150649823" factoryId="org.eclipse.cdt.core.cfg.export.settings.sipplier"/>

This all suggests that, for example, if the referenced project exports, say, source locations or library paths, my referencing project may start building sources from the referenced project or searching the wrong directories for libraries, which I don't want.  All that I want is to specify build-order dependencies on referenced configurations.

Is my understanding of the situation accurate?  What advice can you offer?



Christian W. Damus
Software Developer, IDE Team
QNX Software Systems Limited <http://www.qnx.com/>