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[cdt-dev] Disabling codan errors

That would be strange question coming from me but anyway.

So we added codan feature to our cdt base product (called Momentics).
Our customers mostly use C++ and indexer never works for them for some
reason properly
so they always end-up with many errors which also confusing for them
because compiler does not report them.

Since fighting indexer is advanced skill I want to disable codan
semantics errors out of the box, but so user
can enable them later.

The problem is architecture of codan does not allow to do it nicely
(or not at all right now).
Current way of doing it - every checker contribute a "desire" to be
enabled by default (or not), When plugin
initializes, if default settings are not there for workspace it will
create a default enablement list based on that desire.
So how can I fit in this schema the product requirement of disabling
semantic errors by default?
If I would list all problem I want to disable it would not solve the
problem because new checkers can be contributed
in new version, and I don't want to modify my list every time. What is
the standard mechanism for such things? Did anybody
else did this for their product? Where such configuration would go?