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Re: [cdt-dev] Summit 2011

I agree. The time is pretty short to organize a full blown summit in September. But, we still need to have planning meetings to set the agenda for CDT in Juno.


What I’d like to propose is an eSummit instead using a conference bridge and Webex. I was thinking of a block of four hours running noon-3 Ottawa time (give or take), which allows for evening in Europe and morning in California. We could start with two days like that and expand if needed.


I would then propose that we have a CDT get-together at EclipseCon next March. We had a really nice multi-core meeting last year and could do that for CDT in general. We could do it for a couple of hours and be separate from the BOF which is a more open meeting.


What do you think?



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Hi Doug,


It's not easy to plan/organize the CDT summit in the middle of summer for a date in Sept/Oct:

 - many people are on vacation, it's hard to get developers to register;

 - organizing the logistic in the middle of summer was not easy for us last year again because of many people on vacations and it was hard to get big conf room for Sept;

 - in July many people are already booked for business trips in the fall e.g. myself, Elena, Marc, etc. if know more in advanced it will be easier to plan around the summit date;

 - fall is a busy time of the year for many people, May/June is the Eclipse release crunch and March is EclipseCon...;


To get more developers to join the summit we could either:

 - do the plan/organization after the Eclipse release and held the summit in Dec/Jan

 - do the plan/org in May and held the summit in Sept/Oct

 - looking back at last March EclipseCon we could investigate if we can do it Thursday and Friday (http://www.eclipsecon.org/2011/program/?programdate=2011-03-24)

 - we could even investigate if we can do it together with the GCC summit (http://www.gccsummit.org)


Best Regards,






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Hey gang,


Just a reminder to sign up for CDT Summit 2011 at http://wiki.eclipse.org/CDT/summitfall2011. Notice a few signed up already. The more that show interest, the more we’ll realize we really need to have one again J.