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Re: [cdt-dev] remote debugging error message

Hi, I use printf found the meaning of the error message, which is
"connection timeout" in Chinese.

I'm curious about the internal of automatic remote debug launcher.
Dose it use Expect?

Thank you.

2011/7/18 Xingxing Pan <forandom@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi. I'm using eclipse remotely debugging a program on a target board.
> I get the following message.
> Failed to execute MI command:w
> -target-select remote
> Error message from debugger back end:
> \350\277\236\346\216\245\350\266\205\346\227\266.
> \350\277\236\346\216\245\350\266\205\346\227\266.
> The error message is unreadable. Dose anyone know how is the error
> message encoded?
> Thanks.
> Xingxing