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[cdt-dev] Type support for expressions in DSF


CDI has a hierarchy of interfaces and classes to model the various data types encountered in C/C++. This hierarchy is rooted at the parent interface ICDIType and type objects are created in the methods SourceManager.getType(...) and SourceManager.toCDIType(...).

This type support is fairly rich as it supports types like "wchar_t", "int8_t", "int128_t", "long long" etc.

The current type support in DSF seems to be limited to string constants in the interface IExpressionDMData, and these constants also do not cover as many types as covered in CDI. Does it make sense to create the same type hierarchy in DSF as was in CDI?

I am willing to contribute a patch for this, if this is deemed to be required.

Abeer Bagul
Tensilica Pune