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Re: [cdt-dev] Git repos are now live


> Could someone explain how to work on the cdt_8_0 branch into my workspace?

The EGit User Guide is really quite good:


This section deals with what you're asking:


"From the team menu on a project node:

    Select Team > Switch To... and select a branch name from the list 

If there are too many branches the list does not show all of them. In
this case

    Select Team > Switch To... > Other...
    On the dialog, select a branch, a tag or a Reference
    Click Ok 

>From the Git Repositories View

    Select Checkout on a branch node 


    Double Click on a branch node 

>From the History View

    Select Checkout on a commit which has a branch label
    If more than one branch point to the commit a dialog will let you
decide which branch to check out."