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Re: [cdt-dev] Linked folders and include directories

Hi Oliver,

On Fri, Apr 29, 2011 at 7:38 PM, Oliver Buchtala <oliver.buchtala@xxxxxx> wrote:
I am observing a problem with linked folders and the CDT 'includes'
I have a main project (say 'A') which I use to provide a link to a
project's root and some global make targets.
I use a linked folder for that to keep eclipse things out-of-source-tree.
Now I have many smaller projects each being a local view on a smaller
make target.
The include directories of these projects are specified using absolute
paths pointing into subfolders of the linked folder in main project 'A'.

Now I observe:
1. include directories are referenced as A/somesubdir, i.e. as a
workspace path relative to project A.
   why is that? If there are other projects with linked folders e.g.
liking sub-folders of the folder linked in by 'A', there is some racing
for this registration.
   I.e. it depends on the order the projects are loaded. A bit
confusing and intimidating ;)
It is buggy to start with. That can be intimidating, true.  Note that everybody has its own idea how it should look like. Some go so far as to suggest we should remove "Includes" from the Project Explorer for good. If interested, you can check out discussion in bug 330750 and suggest your own idea about that in bug 338543.

2. When loading or importing projects with such include references the
status bar displays messages about processing duplicate references.
    Moreover, with Eclipse 3.6 + CDT 7.0.2 this is unbearably slow.
With 3.7M6 + 8.0 same behavior but much quicker.
    What does this message about dup refs mean? also intimidating ;)

3. The referenced include directories are not browsable.
   Moreover, with Eclipse 3.6 + CDT 7.0.2 the indexer does not find
included headers which would be in these referenced folders.
   With 3.7M6 + CDT 8.0 indexer is ok, though these folders are still
not browsable
Not sure what you mean by "not browsable", is it that you cannot expand those? Sounds like an error in your configuration. 

My context: I am working on an CDT generator for CMake.
- see
- find my git repo: git@xxxxxxxxxx:oliver----/cmake_cdt7.git

Another thing:
is there some specification/documentation on <filteredResources/> used
to specify exclude/include filters for linked folders in .project?
You can take a look at bug 252647 and a Wiki link from there to E4 Resources. Flexible Resources were merged into eclipse 3.7 stream. Not sure if those details are covered there though.


Thank you,

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