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Re: [cdt-dev] DSF lockup with debugger-assisted run

On Thursday, September 30, 2010 21:01:02 Pawel Piech wrote:
> Hi Volodoya,
> I think the correct method to handle this is to invent a new state:
> "intederminate" in the GDB debugger integration (it could also be pushed
> into the DSF IRunControl service).  If target is in this state, then the
> UI would know not to fetch the stack data.  

Hi Pawel,

could you clarify where exactly in code the decision not to fetch stack data
should be made? Say, is StackFramesVMNode.buildDeltaForSuspendedEvent
a good place to put this logic in?

> This is how we solved a
> similar problem in the Wind River debugger.  

I assume that debugger is DSF-based? Maybe, the best approach is for you to
contribute a patch? ;-)

> Otherwise, you could just
> handle the problem in the stack service and decide not to return any
> stack frames.

That's possible, but then it sounds backward to have DSF core decide we need 
threads and propagate request all the way to MIStack, for it to return 

- Volodya