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Re: [cdt-dev] Unlink Disassembly View

Hi Pawel,


I haven’t had a chance to look at the disassembly editor and I am wondering how the editor handles some of these scenarios:

  1. What does the editor show when there is no source info? Does it simply show the entire address range where the user can scroll around and jump to different location?
  2. Are source lines and disassembly instructions interleave the way the DSF disassembly view show or disassembly instructions are inserted in the order of the source lines within a source a file?
  3. I assume that if you enter disassembly mode in the editor for a source file, the editor became readonly. Is this correct?
  4. If multiple disassembly editors are open, is it possible to have the editors to handle the two use cases I ask in my original email?


I see the values of having a disassembly editor that insert disassembly instructions under source lines, as well as having a disassembly view to be able to display instructions for the entire address ranges. These are two different use cases and it depends on the application the user is dealing with, I don’t have strong opinion whether an editor is better than a view or a view is better that an editor. But if the editor have all the features of the view, than I would use the editor, because editor provides better source and disassembly interleave.




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IMO a better approach would be to present the disassembly content in an editor.  It's easier to manage multiple instances of editors than views and it's a more natural place for disassembly anyway.  This is what Wind River does in our product and in CDT you may be able to leverage Mikhail's work from a few years ago to make it happen.


On 09/29/2010 07:59 AM, Chuong, Patrick wrote:



I would like to know whether it is possible to unlink the Disassembly view from the Debug view. AFAIK, the Disassembly view follows the selection of the Debug view. If unlink is current not supported, can this be added?


If unlink can be done or will be support in the future, can the Disassembly also have an option to re-evaluate the _expression_ when the target is suspended?



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