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[cdt-dev] RE: selected thread/frame in debug view

Could this be related to DSF's selection policy?  Check out DefaultDsfSelectionPolicy.java


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Subject: [cdt-dev] selected thread/frame in debug view

Hi there,

In a multiple process multiple thread debug session with EDC debugger, I ran into the problem that the focused thread & stack frame in debug view changes randomly. Say, I do a stepping in thread A, then after stepping the focus may change to thread B.

I’m doing system mode debugging where suspending of one thread means suspending of the whole OS, so I do need to fire suspend event for all threads after the stepping. However, I find that the problem above is not related to the order by which I send ISuspendedDMEvent’s for the threads, namely it happens regardless of whether I send event for thread A first or thread B first.

So my question is, with DSF (I assume this is controllable in DSF layer), how can I keep the focus on the thread I’m stepping in ?