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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT Annual Survey 2010 results

Hi Kirk,

Unfortunately the chart generated by Google docs was not resizable but I edited the image manually. The image has been updated on the wiki page.


On 10-07-28 12:20 PM, kirk.beitz@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi Marc-Andre ++

Thanks for taking this survey.

The most interesting part of this survey is the graph:

But much of the graph says "Improvements to t..." .  Wondering if it would be too much to ask if you could re-create that graphic and re-post it so that the text shows up better on it.

++ Kirk Beitz
++ Nokia

On 2010-Jul-27, at 10:19 PM, ext Marc-Andre Laperle wrote:

 Hello everyone,

I have now closed the survey and the results are available here:

I hope it will be useful to the project. You can edit this page to add
your thoughts on the survey.



++ kirk beitz ++ nokia ++ kirk.beitz@xxxxxxxxx ++

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