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RE: [cdt-dev] Halted thread no longer expanded in M7



I managed to pinpoint to a change in ONLY ONE file - VMViewerUpdate.java.

If I use a version of that file earlier than April and all other files are pointing to HEAD there is no problem with my debugger.

All recent changes of that file point to: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=310331

I’ll keep digging…






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Hi Dobrin,
There was a few changes in this area bugs 248627, 310052, 310031, 310992.  So it may take some investigation to find out what was the breaking change.  I did a quick sanity test with PDA, and single thread stepping works there without a problem.  Could you give more details as to why buildDelta is not being called for you on suspended?


On 05/10/2010 09:05 AM, Alexiev, Dobrin wrote:



I just updated to M7 and I noticed that when my DSF debugger thread halts the thread is no longer auto expanded and its top stack is no longer selected.


When I debugged the GDB DSF debugger I saw that it works well because it fires IRunControl.IContainerSuspendedDMEvent.

That triggers StackFramesVMNode.buildDelta to calls buildDeltaForSuspendedEvent which adds the flags SELECT and EXPAND to the delta.


In my debugger I do not fire IRunControl.IContainerSuspendedDMEvent but only fire IRunControl.ISuspendedDMEvent.

That event is not delivered to StackFramesVMNode.buildDelta - therefore buildDeltaForSuspendedEvent is not called, add SELECT and EXPAND are not added to the delta flags.


Any idea what might have changed between M6 and M7 in the area?




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