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[cdt-dev] Minutes May Conf Call

I just realized I didn't write down anything other than the attendees. Here's what I have from memory, please add things you found important.

Attendees: Pawel, Marc, James, Leo, Mikhail K, Alena, Mike J, John C, Bill, Navid, Jeff, Ken, Chris, Vivian, others...

CDT 7.0 
- M7 is posted to the Helios train staging area
- We are in feature freeze. What does that mean? Use your best judgement when making changes. Manage the risk to quality.
- The rest of the schedule goes like this (build/release dates):
   RC1 - May 14/17
   RC2 - May 21/24
   RC3 - May 28/31
   RC4 - June 4/7
   Final - June 11/14
- RC4 should be code freeze and only serious bugs should be fixed in the last week before Final.
- The full schedule is here: http://wiki.eclipse.org/Helios_Simultaneous_Release

- Continued discussion that we had on the list. Not really anything new. Scalability is a big issue for managed build. Simplicity a problem for standard build.

- DSF/GDB in good shape. A couple of big things left.
- JTAG contribs stuck in IPzilla. Can't apply them until they are passed which might be post June.

CDT Summit
- Still discussing if and where to have it. Travel restrictions will be key to deciding where as long as enough of us can go anywhere.