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Re: Re[cdt-dev] cursive include path !!

Hello everybody,

I just up the question because it really bothers me and the answer is not on
the web (or I couldn't find it) :
Is it possible for eclipse to look for the include files recursively (i.e:
Eclipse looking for the header file in the directory and if not found, in
the sub-directory and so on) ??

Thank you very much

safwen wrote:
> Hello every body,
> I am using eclipse on ubuntu juste for editing a huge C++ project.
> I compile using the command line.
> I am wondering if eclipse does includes all the .h recursively in a given
> include path in the "directories" of the GCC settings.
> It will be a tough task to enter all include paths, especially if there
> are many overlapping ones.
> Taking this case:
> /inc
>      .projet2/inc/
>      .projet3/inc/
> project2 and project3 are in the inc directory.
> Is it possible to search references (when indexing) in projet2/inc/ and in
> projet3/inc/ only by specifying the /inc path??
> Eclipse doe not make a recursive search in the include directory.
> Did someone faced the problem? and how to do to make eclipse search
> recursively in a given include directory?!
> Thanks a lot

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