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Re: [cdt-dev] Source Build Eclipse + CDT

See below general idea and parts of the script

1) Setup vendor branch. We use tag names of stable points from CDT. Example below shows how to import point v200903161435 into your vendor branch:

export PACKAGE_NAME=org.eclipse.cdt
export VENDOR_NAME=org_eclipse_cdt
export TAG_NAME=v200903161435
rm -rf ~/tmp/import-${PACKAGE_NAME}/ && mkdir -p ~/tmp/import-${PACKAGE_NAME}/ && cd ~/tmp/import-${PACKAGE_NAME}/
cvs -z3 -d":pserver:anonymous@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:80/cvsroot/tools" export -r ${TAG_NAME} ${PACKAGE_NAME}
cvs -d"/var/lib/cvs" import -k+o -I! -m "Import ${VENDOR_NAME}-${TAG_NAME}" . ${VENDOR_NAME} ${VENDOR_NAME}-${TAG_NAME}

2) If you already imported one time and modified CDT code you have to merge imported code with your modified code.

cd ~/tmp/
rm -rf ${PACKAGE_NAME}
cvs -d"/var/lib/cvs" checkout -k+o -jorg_eclipse_cdt-v200903060602 -jorg_eclipse_cdt-${TAG_NAME} ${PACKAGE_NAME} && cd ${PACKAGE_NAME}
cvs -q update

3) Resolve conflicts and review received changes and finally commit:

cvs -q commit -m "merge ${VENDOR_NAME}-${TAG_NAME}"

4) To build CDT we use next shell script. But before run the script below see 5). You have to change and commit some modifications in ord.eclipse.cdt/build.xml file.

rm -rf $SITEDIR
mkdir -p $SITEDIR
#In the future production will be based on branch name
cvs -d$CVSROOT co -r HEAD -d . org.eclipse.cdt/all/org.eclipse.cdt.releng && \
sh ./build.sh

if [ $? -eq 0 ];then
  rm -rf ${WWWDIR}
  cp -rp results/site/eclipse/ ${WWWDIR}
  chmod g+rw -R ${WWWDIR}

5) in org.eclipse.cdt/build.xml

Our build target. You free to experiment here :-)

        <target name="build" depends="zips,generate.p2.metadata,test,tag"/>

We have set 
                <property name="eclipseDist" value="/var/www/eclipse/eclipse-SDK-3.5M6-linux-gtk-x86_64.tar.gz"/>
                <property name="mylynDist" value="/var/www/eclipse/mylyn-3.0.0.v20080619-1900-e3.4.zip"/>

You can download eclipse and mylyn and place somewhere on your local hard drive

Next you change everyplace to use your CVS repository:

First in build.xml
        <target name="tagone">
                <cvs cvsroot="/var/lib/cvs" command="rtag ${tagbranch} ${tagname} ${tagmodule}"/>

Plus you need to change org.eclipse.cdt/maps/cdt.map file to point to your CVS repository.


I could forget something.

On Wed, May 6, 2009 at 8:30 PM, Matt Grosvenor <mattg@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I would like to be able to source build eclipse and package with CDT source build so that we can distribute into our organization for testing. But source building the CDT will be good enough for the moment.


Olexiy Buyanskyy wrote:

No need to build eclipse to work on CDT.

In order to work on CDT our organization export/import sources and have used
as starting point.
I have vacation right now, so my website is down right now.
When I will be back I can give more details and scripts to automate the process.


On Tue, May 5, 2009 at 8:01 PM, Matt Grosvenor <mattg@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Is there someone that could please guide me through the process of downloading and building Eclipse & the CDT from source without needing to invoke Eclipse itself? I've looked over the Eclipse website, but it is not very clear about the steps involved, particularly to include the the CDT in the build and use the CVS sources.  In order for me to work on the CDT, my organisation requires that it can be integrated into our nightly build process.


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