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[cdt-dev] Programmatically create a Telnet Terminal session


I posted this to Eclipse NewsPortal - eclipse.tools.cdt but have heard nothing so I'm trying here in case any kind soul can help me.

I would like to programmatically create a telnet session using the Terminal view. I don't want any settings UI to be presented. Instead I want to provide the telnet parameters programmatically. I think I need to do that with an ITerminalConnector.

I've tried the code below, but am missing the crucial first step where the View is created and I think that is why the onTerminalNewTerminal() is failing.

ITerminalConnector con;
ITerminalView view;
view = new TerminalView();
TerminalActionNewTerminal newTerm = new TerminalActionNewTerminal(view);

Any help for an entry point into this would be greatly appreciated.

cheers john