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[cdt-dev] RunToLine behavior vs -exec-until


CDI provides a RunToLine action.  This uses -exec-until.
While testing things for DSF-GDB I realized that -exec-until
did not behave as I expected.

#1 -exec-until will stop as soon as the current stack frame exists.
#2 -exec-until will *not* stop at the specified location if the location
is not 
    in the same stack frame as when the command was issued.

This can be read in the documentation of the 'until' command, and I
tested it too.

It seems that exec-until is not meant to be used as run-to-line (or at
least in the way
run-to-line behaves in the JDT.)

The cli command 'advance' seems a bit better as it does not have problem
but it does have problem #1.

Was this known?  Any comments or suggestion for DSF-GDB?
I will probably use 'advance'.
And maybe with repeating the advance command I can also address problem

Thanks for any comments, especially if I'm confused about the issue.