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Re: [cdt-dev] multi launch

2009/3/31 Elena Laskavaia <elaskavaia@xxxxxxx>:
> I am not sure it is entirely related. You can look at my implementation - it
> is simple configuration which lists any number of other ones.
> It is not for post-pre-launch but it can be used this way. It is for
> launching client and server at the same time kind of.

Ah Ok. Took a quick look. I think Robert's intention was for something
more flexible. I'll send the code for review and see if I can get a
patch up as well.



> James Blackburn wrote:
>> Hi Elena,
>> 2009/3/31 Elena Laskavaia <elaskavaia@xxxxxxx>:
>>> I was going to commit another launch configuration, which is "Multi
>>> Launch".
>>> It has only one tab - user select "Add" to add another launch
>>> configuration
>>> (can be anything, including external)
>>> and picks a mode of launch for it (run, debug, profiler, whatever or
>>> default). Default mean it would be launched in the mode in which
>>> multi-launch configuration
>>> is launched. Any objections/suggestions? Also I am not sure how to call
>>> it.
>> Have you already implemented this?
>> We've got an implementation of something very similar (which Robert
>> implemented) which he called "Launch Actions".  It basically allows
>> running an arbitrary set of commands before and after a launch is run.
>>  You can define sets of actions 'presets' via an extension point, and
>> you can have actions wait for specific output to match a regex before
>> proceeding.
>> I improved the integration so that it's no longer specific to our
>> launch.  It contributes a tab to a specified launch types, and uses
>> the multiple launch modes functionality to  proxy the existing launch.
>> So when the launchAction tab has been used, it will set, for example,
>> the  'launchAction' & 'debug' launch mode. The launchAction launch
>> will run and  delegate to the 'debug' launch at the appropriate time.
>> Robert also wrote documentation for all of this :).
>> A while back I've moved this stuff into a separate plugin on our end
>> in the hope of submitting it upstream if it's desirable (and once we
>> had legal approval -- this is now much easier for me to resolve...).
>> It's likely not perfect, but a good start.
>> Would this be of interest to you Elena?
>> Cheers,
>> James
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