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[cdt-dev] RE: DSF and CDI compatibility bugs

Hi Marc,

Isn't this bug also a missing CDI functionality in DSF:
-- [debug view][processes] If the debug session is terminated while a process is running, the process is not terminated.

- Ling

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We currently have about 28 DSF/GDB bugs that are tagged as missing CDI functionality.
I would like to discuss the priority of these bugs and who would be interested in taking a stab at them.  Below is the list.  At the top are the ones that we at Ericsson are suggesting we take care of:

A lot of the other bugs are related to the behaviour of the views, which we don't have as much experience with.  Hopefully we can get the ball rolling and bring DSF-GDB closer to CDI for the user-experience.



Ericsson can work on:
https://bugs.eclipse.org/249227 [console][cdi] Add support for "verbose"
tracing of MI commands in console
https://bugs.eclipse.org/248595 [breakpoints][cdi] - Add support pending breakpoints introduced in GDB 6.8.
https://bugs.eclipse.org/233230 [run control][cdi] Run to Line action should be supported
https://bugs.eclipse.org/202346 [launch][cdi] Implement launch for post-mortem/core debugging.

https://bugs.eclipse.org/159955 [source lookup][cdi] nice "source not found" editor
https://bugs.eclipse.org/159958 [symbols][cdi] Integrate symbols service with CDT modules view.
https://bugs.eclipse.org/202354 [launch][cdi] Implement launch starting a new application.
https://bugs.eclipse.org/207582 [variables][expressions][cdi] In views, chirldren of arrays should be grouped when more than 100 https://bugs.eclipse.org/219040 [variables][cdi] Variables view should show globals (or should it?)
https://bugs.eclipse.org/219202 [variables][cdi] Variables view should use icons to represent types.
https://bugs.eclipse.org/219203 [variables][cdi] Variables view should allow variables to be cast to a type.
https://bugs.eclipse.org/235747 [registers][cdi] Allow user to edit the register groups.
https://bugs.eclipse.org/237560 [variables view][cdi] Ehance variables view for feature parity with CDT.
https://bugs.eclipse.org/242943 [breakpoints] [cdi] While GDB is running, we cannot make breakpoint commands
https://bugs.eclipse.org/248587 [breakpoints][cdi] Support "Event'
https://bugs.eclipse.org/248591 [launch][cdi] Add support for setting environment variables when launching a new process in debugger.
https://bugs.eclipse.org/248593 [launch][cdi] Add a JTAG-specific launch.
https://bugs.eclipse.org/248606 [menu][breakpoints][cdi] Add support for toggling watchpoints in the variables and expressions views.
https://bugs.eclipse.org/248610 [menu][memory][cdi] Add a menu action to open memory view for a given variable.
https://bugs.eclipse.org/248627 [debug view] [cdi] Add an option to show full paths for the stack frame source location.
https://bugs.eclipse.org/249162 [run control][cdi] Add support for "Set PC to here" operation.
https://bugs.eclipse.org/249165 [run control][cdi] Add support for "Resume at Line" action
https://bugs.eclipse.org/249169 [detail][cdi] Add support for alternative expression evaluation in detail pane.
https://bugs.eclipse.org/249220 [signals][cdi] Add support for the Signals view.
https://bugs.eclipse.org/249223 [signals][cdi] Add support for "Resume without signal" action.
https://bugs.eclipse.org/252596 [launch][cdi] Align Remote launch with CDI Remote launch
https://bugs.eclipse.org/255026 [expressions][cdi] Provide a debug expression hover for the C/C++ editor
https://bugs.eclipse.org/264895 [console][cdi] Visible console should match debug selection

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