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[cdt-dev] common launch configurations

Hi All,
I've run into a new problem trying to create common launch configurations for CDT.  In short, I have the common launch configurations ready to be committed, but they present something of a new workflow challenge for users.  If a user installs both of the following optional features:
1) CDT GNU Toolchain Debug Support
2) GDB DSF Debugger Integration
he will be presented with the a launch configuration that requires him to choose a launcher (see attached screen caps). 

This problem could be avoided by creating a CDT product which could for the Eclipse C/C++ bundle, (instead of the standard Eclipse platform product used now).  I'm not really sure what would be other benefits or disadvantages of doing this, but it seems like a big change to satisfy this one problem. 

I'm looking for guidance on how big an issue this is for everyone and whether to commit the common launch configurations patch.  I also wonder what people think of defining a CDT product?


PNG image

PNG image