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Re: [cdt-dev] Managed Build and CDT installation

What is Managed Makefile? It is either managed build project or makefile 
Makefile project can be select from wizard when you select New->C Project...
Is that what you missing or I don't understand the question?

Ivan Marin wrote:
> Hello Everybody,
> First, let me thanks for the excellent work with CDT on Eclipse. It's
> really a industrial strength tool for C/C++ development!
> I've downloaded the CDT Eclipse from the eclipse site, version 3.3.2,
> and also CDT version 4.0.3. But the "Managed Makefile" is missing from
> the Project Menu. I've added the Europa CDT plugin repository and
> installed everything from there, but still the Managed Makefile is
> missing. What can be happening?
> I'm running Debian Sid on a P4.
> Thank you!
> Ivan
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