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[cdt-dev] Join in and help translate the CDT to your language

I posted this to the tools.cdt newsgroup... thought I'd post it here too in
case we have some people lurking on here that don't subscribe to the
newsgroups.  We have a diverse number of native tongues amongst our
committers too, so hopefully everyone can help out a little when they're
not churning out code.

Hello CDT community!

For a few weeks now CDT has been enabled on the Eclipse Babel Project
(http://babel.eclipse.org/babel/).  This project allows for you, the
community to contribute translations for various Eclipse projects in
various languages.  The resulting contributed translations are being
collected into a Language Pack which will then be able to be used to launch
Eclipse in various languages.

If you have expertise in any non-English languages, we'd very much
appreciate it if you could help by logging into the Babel portal (which
uses the same login credentials as Bugzilla) and contributing some
translations.  The web interface is pretty easy to use, and it doesn't take
a lot of effort to contribute a few translations when you are stuck waiting
on a long compilation or something.

The Babel Project's success hinges upon community participation, so I hope
some of you can donate some of your time to help make this a success.

For my part I will start putting my high-school French to use and donate
some strings en français :-)



Chris Recoskie
Team Lead, IBM CDT Team
IBM Toronto