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RE: [cdt-dev] IConfiguration vs ICConfigurationDescription

Hi Andras.

Sorry for delay, I was on vacation till today.
I hope you've solved your problem yourself by now.
But, may be, some comments are not too late.

So, ICConfigurationDescription represents configuration in CDT core
and IConfiguration represents configuration in CDT build system level.

While only one CDT core implementation exists, there may be a lot of
different build systems. Existing Managed Build System is only one 
among other ones.

ICConfigurationDescription, in principle, does not know about
specific features implemented by IConfiguration instances. So we should
change "common" properties in ICConfigurationDescription, and build
related properties in IConfiguration implementor. When
called, both changes would be applied.
With best regards, Oleg Krasilnikov


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Subject: [cdt-dev] IConfiguration vs ICConfigurationDescription

What is the relationship of IConfiguration vs

My guess: ICConfigurationDescription is used to represent contents the
".cproject" file (ie one config in it) in the memory, while
IConfiguration is "live" data used by the CDT at runtime.

When I change IConfiguration, does the corresponding
ICConfigurationDescription change as well? A recent code example posted
by Oleg Krasilnikov seems to indicate that: 

IConfiguration cfg =
IBuilder bldr = cfg.getEditableBuilder(); // change IBuilder
CoreModel.getDefault().setProjectDescription(project, prjd);


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