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RE: [cdt-dev] Project settings for multiple configurations

Hi Delicia,


That’s a very good question. Currently you can not change settings for multiple configurations simultaneously.

Modifying settings for multiple configurations is on our todo list, though I can not say for sure when this is going to be implemented due to the lack of time and resources.


Actually displaying/editing settings for multiple configurations is not an easy task. E.g. it’s not completely clear what is the proper way of displaying settings that have different values in multiple configurations, e.g. in case of settings that contain list of strings, etc.

One approach that I think could be considered is to allow selecting an individual or a set of options/values displayed for the current configuration and telling UI to propagate these values to all configurations.




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    I have a Managed make C project, in which I updated the Project properties: added

some 'Compiler' options (This was done for the 'Debug' configuration).


Now, I switch to the 'Release' configuration.

None of the above changes are made here, I need to redo them.


Is there any way I can avoid this duplicate effort & have the updated options reflected on both configurations?

Or am I missing something?