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RE: [cdt-dev] AW: [cdt-patch] Patch proposal for bugzilla 154854 -gdbconsoleenhancements

> Now Davide's suggestion is different because he will not save the
> processes' console output but gdb's output, and it will save a snapshot
> of the current console contents instead of creating an output stream.
> Also the standard mechanism of saving the output to a file means you
> must decide at launch time while Davide's patch allows saving at any
> time.

But what's wrong with "Select all<Ctrl-a>/Copy<Ctrl-c>/Paste<Ctrl-v>"?  The
number of times I see people using this, adding another UI control seems I
bit extreme. What do others think?

> Do you know of any other feature requests that I did not find?
> Thanks,
> Norbert
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