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AW: [cdt-dev] Updating MBS project tyes - converter does not getcalled

Hi Jeremiah,

thanks for your response. I am doing better now. Here is what I have
learned (the hard way ...):

- When changing managed build definitions the old definitions should
stay in place. This way existing projects made by the old definitions
can still be opened.
- Mark the old projects with the isTest attribute to hide them in the
project creation wizard.
- I have declared a converter for one of my project types. From a
project's context menu -> Convert To ... I see a list entry for my
converter, and it gets called with the ICProject as build object.

Now I can implement the conversion of every single build element down to
the tools and options ...

OK, I'll come back to you (i.e. the list) when I meet further problems.

Thanks for your pointer to bug #104742, I agree with you that the doc
seems to say that the from and to ids are regular expressions while the
implementation does a strict string comparison.


Norbert Ploett