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[cdt-dev] FYI: Eclipse 3.2.1 RC schedule

Since we've talked before about doing CDT 3.1.1 at roughly the same time as
Eclipse 3.2.1, I thought I'd forward this...

Release Candidate Builds toward Eclipse 3.2.1
 Wednesday, August 16 - 3.2.1 RC1 build
 Build toward 3.2.1RC1 at 8 am.

 Wednesday, August 23 - 3.2.1 RC2 build
 Build toward 3.2.1RC2 at 8 am if map files are updated.
 goal: a good build for the test pass on Monday, August 28.

 Wednesday, August 30 - 3.2.1 RC3 build
 Build toward 3.2.1RC3 at 8 am.


Chris Recoskie
Team Lead, IBM CDT Team
IBM Toronto