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Re: [cdt-dev] Problems with makefile

> I'm working for the TOPCASED project and my mission consists in
> implementing the build process used locally in cdt.  To implement the
> build process I have extended the
> .eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.core.buildDefinitions extension point and
> placed my makefile generaor by implementing the
> IManagedBuilderMakefileGenerator intereface.  The makefile generator
> generates my makefile and other files containing required compilation
> macros and places them in a temporary folder.The problem I'm facing is
> that cdt can't find the makefile I generate when calling gmake.  Should
> the generated makefile be placed in a particular folder?  The error I get
> when building a project is
> **** Build of configuration Test Release for project test ****
> Build error
> (Exec error:Le nom de répertoire est incorrect.

Bonjour Kurvin,

The 'default' Gnu implementation uses the active configuration (e.g. Debug)
subdirectory of the project as the working directory when calling make,
this directory normally contains the top makefile.

If I understand correctly your generated makefile is in a different
'temporary folder'. Your own makefile generator should implement a method
'getBuildWorkingDir()' that probably can be used to specify your specific
build working directory. It looked as if the directory returned by this
method is used as a relative path to the project directory, so not sure if
it works if your temporary folder is outside of the workspace?

Another method might be to add an gmake command line option to switch to
the temporary folder.