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RE: [cdt-dev] Managed Build System Questions

Hi Hugh,

Sorry for the delayed response...

Re #1:
The gnu tool-chain definition uses the CDT scanner discovery profile
mechanism to calculate the gcc built-in includes and pre-processor
The scanner discovery profile is an extension point
defined in CDT that an ISV can contribute to in order to supply the
mechanism of automatic calculation of the compiler built-ins.

The MBS tool-chain definition can contain the
scannerConfigDiscoveryProfileId attribute that holds the id the
ScannerConfigurationDiscoveryProfile extension that should be used for
that tool-chain.

You could either remove the "scannerConfigDiscoveryProfileId" attribute
for your gnu tool-chain if you do not need this functionality, or
implement the "ScannerConfigurationDiscoveryProfile" extension suitable
for your compiler, and set the "scannerConfigDiscoveryProfileId"
attribute of your tool-chain to the id of that extension.

For more info on how to contribute to the
ScannerConfigurationDiscoveryProfile extension-point, see the
description of that extension-point and its implementation for the Gnu
tool-chain -


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I've read the Extensibility document and am currently working on
my own plugin based on org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.gnu.ui_3.0.0. The
plugin is for GNU tools for an embedded target; it has different
names and option switches to the existing CDT supported GNU tools. Some

1. The Managed Build System automatically adds header files to a new
"Executable GNU" project when I create it using the "Managed C Project"
Wizard. It seems to automatically detect mingw or cygwin headers on my
machine and include them. If I rename the mingw/cygwin directories they
not found and not included. Where does this functionality reside ? (I
to turn it off as these headers are not relevant for my GNU toolchain).

2. I want to extend the "Managed C Project" Wizard to add a single file
all newly created projects (a GNU linker control file for use with the
switch). Any ideas as to how to easily do this ?

Thanks in advance,


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