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RE: [cdt-dev] CDT conference stream?

Unfortunately, this would be cool, but we don't have anything like that set
up. This is something we'll investigate for future meetings.

For this one, we will be putting the slides online and I will be capturing
minutes. Once these are posted, feel free to ask questions on this list and
we can discuss any issues or ideas you may have.


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> Dear Developers,
> First of all, please apologize if this mail was sent to an inappropriate
> list, I figured this one suits my needs best.
> I would really like to watch some of the contributions to the CDT
> conference, but I will not be able to be physically present, so a
> streamed version or a non-streamed video (it does not have to be live)
> would be really great.
> Is something like this planned, and if so, I would highly appreciate if
> you could point me to the location (URL) where to find it - I wasn't
> able to while browsing the CDT project's site.
> Thank you for your time,
>   David Schwingenschlögl.
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