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Re: [cdt-dev] Missing source/output exclusion filter options in CDT

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> When you create a new Java project in the JDT, you will get the option 
> to set source exclusion filters via the Source tab in the Java project 
> wizard (for existing Java projects, you can also do this via the project 
> properties).
> This option is lacking when you create a new standard/managed make C/C++ 
> project in the CDT. However, you can set source and output exclusion 
> filters after a project has been created via the project properties 
> (i.e. the Source and Output tabs in the C/C++ Project Paths settings).
> Unfortunately, if you want to create a new CDT project from a large 
> legacy source structure that contains various binaries and other 
> non-source files interleaved in the same directory structure as the 
> source files, CDT will start to process the full contents of this large 
> directory structure as soon as the project is created and before the 
> user gets a chance to set appropriate exclusion filters via the project 
> properties. This can be a very time and CPU consuming process and 
> frustrating experience for the user.
> If the Source and Output tabs in the CDT project properties would be 
> available in the CDT project wizards as well, just as in JDT, this issue 
> would no longer be a problem.
> What do you think?

Could not have said it better.  IMHO, That is the way to go.

Was there a PR about this ?
I do not think it was not a commited item in the milestones for 3.0
but it should be.