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[cdt-dev] Missing source/output exclusion filter options in CDT project wizards

When you create a new Java project in the JDT, you will get the option to set source exclusion filters via the Source tab in the Java project wizard (for existing Java projects, you can also do this via the project properties).

This option is lacking when you create a new standard/managed make C/C++ project in the CDT. However, you can set source and output exclusion filters after a project has been created via the project properties (i.e. the Source and Output tabs in the C/C++ Project Paths settings).

Unfortunately, if you want to create a new CDT project from a large legacy source structure that contains various binaries and other non-source files interleaved in the same directory structure as the source files, CDT will start to process the full contents of this large directory structure as soon as the project is created and before the user gets a chance to set appropriate exclusion filters via the project properties. This can be a very time and CPU consuming process and frustrating experience for the user.

If the Source and Output tabs in the CDT project properties would be available in the CDT project wizards as well, just as in JDT, this issue would no longer be a problem.

What do you think?

Regards, Stefan

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