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Re: [cdt-dev] Re: [cdt-patch] Applied - fix for bug#44507 Outline Flickers with CDT1.2

> Hi Everyone,
> I have applied this patch on the HEAD only. I don't know if it should go 
> to the 1.2.1 stream or not.

Yes, IMHO, it is 1.2.1 material.

> In general, what is the policy of bug solutions in 1.2.1? Do we vote on 
> things going there? or do we submit all what we can fix there?

It is a good question.
The timeframe for CDT-2.0 with Eclipse-2.0 is ~6 months.
Third parties (like QnX) in the meantime will want to push
fixes to the CD-1.2 branch and I think we(Eclispse/CDT) should accomodate them.
We did the same for CDT-1.0 and CDT-1.1 for a while, i.e. we've
accepted fixes from TimeSys and Tensillica(sp?).

The way, we use to proceed was to make a PR with the version 1.2.1 and applied the patch.
When the line is blurry between fixes and enhancements a mail to the mailing list(not only cdt-patch)
is appreciated for a heads up.

my 0.00001 cents.