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[cdt-dev] Conference call to review Managed Build System documentation

Long subject, simple concept. 

Earlier this week, I posted an HTML version of the Managed Build System 
Extensibility documentation. At the time, I mentioned that I would be 
scheduling a review for Friday. Unfortunately, it was not possible to find 
a time that worked here. Consequently, I have scheduled the review for 11 

I would like to try to complete a section-by-section review in the short 
time we have. I would also like to invite your written submissions no 
latter than Monday, October 27 so that we can incorporate your feedback in 
the final document.

We will host a conference call for anyone fortunate enough not to have to 
suffer through late fall in Ottawa. 

The toll-free dial-in number is: 1-877-303-3363
Participant passcode is: 7316708#

I look forward to speaking with you Monday,

Sean Evoy
Rational Software - IBM Software Group
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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