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RE: [cdt-dev] CppUnit integration

Mike Capp wrote: 
> P.S. offtopic, but to those of you working on the parser - 
> have you looked 
> at www.gccxml.org? It's a patch to GCC's C++ frontend to 
> output the parse 
> tree as XML, and seems to be the best-kept secret in C++ tool 
> development 
> at the moment.

I could see this being useful as a tool to help us get 
some wider test coverage for the DOM.  My caveats for using
this as the main parser itself include: 
- performance 
- configuration options - whether or not we are able to skip 
	inclusions and do a best effort quick-parse
- the error handling strategy, as quite often we are going to 
	be parsing working copies while the user is typing for
	the outline view and code assist.  

That being said, I will try it out and give it a fair and impartial
trial.  :-)