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Re: [cdt-dev] CEditor bombs in M5

> Binary parsers are extension points, you can add as much as you want
> as long as you adhere to the API.  FoobinBinaryParser or whatever you
> call it will have to adhere to the define API and be define in your
> plugin/plugin.xml to be pick up by the CDT.
> The other API is in the definition of the C Core Model.

Yeah, I saw all of that.  Just seemed to me that there where two layers of 
code doing work that could be done by a single layer.  But I guess to provide 
the ability for external plugins to extend the CDT, and keep the CDT utils 
layer independant of Eclipse, that second layer is required.  That is clearer 
to me now, thanks.

> For the comment on multiple parsers, sure.  The first idea was that
> usually, we work on one architecture at a time in a project, that goes
> for the builder also in a way, where you set you configuration or your
> toolchain to say, "mips".  If we can work on with multiple toolchains
> on the same project (mip, ppc, x86) at the same time, we should
> probaly change the behaviour also for the parsers.

That was my only only goal in all of this chatter honestly. :)  


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