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RE: [cdt-dev] FW: [cdt-patch] Remove warnings (unused local varia bles) from gen

I'm for keeping a copy of the .jj file.  We'll have to work closely to make
sure we don't run into eachother.

Doug Schaefer
Senior Staff Software Engineer
Rational - the software development company
Ottawa (Kanata), Ontario, Canada

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Subject: Re: [cdt-dev] FW: [cdt-patch] Remove warnings (unused local
variables) from gen

> Just wondering if any of the committers are applying these patches and, if
> so, could you give notice when you do.

Nope, I was going to raise the issue.  Should this be apply?
This is generated code unless it is done one the *.jj file, next
time, it will be nuked when regenerated.

I did not follow sebastien's email on this but for some legal reason
The master file CPPParser.jj can not be in the repository.
If we want to keep patching this file so should update the master file.

The warnings are annoying but harmless and because of the reasons cited
we did not nuke the warnings yet.

So if for example a person, say Doug S. 8-) maintains the corresponding *.jj
so on the next regeneration fixes are still in that would be good.

My 0.0002 $

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