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[cdt-dev] Starter.exe


The real challenge with all of this setpri stuff is the starter.exe for NT. Everything else is just easy. Does anyone have any background on why starter.exe is there? Is it because you need to have something to be the head of a process group for NT's GenerateConsoleCtrlEvent to work? That's my suspicion.

If so, it does not appear to interoperate well with cygwin and I think it will only work for Ctrl events on non-cygwin apps. So not only is it screwing me over for setting priority ( going to have to create an event to send it since the pid held in spawner.dll is for starter and not what starter started ) but it's ALSO not working for cygwin apps since cygwin has to be the process group leader before it will turn a CTRL_C_EVENT into a SIGINT.