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Re: [cdt-dev] source code for 1.0.0 release?

> Is there a way to get the source code associated with the CDT 1.0.0
> release?
> The closest tags I see in CVS start with "GA_1_0_candidate".  Did one 
> of those graduate to the final release?

The 1.0 release was tag, "GA_1_0 ...."

The coming 1.0.1  is branch, the branch is "cdt_1_0_1"

The 1.0 was more a stable snapshot of the current state of affairs.
But now since we are putting much more unstable code, new C/C++ Parser
work on the new CDT builder, it was branch to let other people a stable
branch where some general fixex can be push without to much unstability.